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Case Studies


"I am proud to be a manger of a Cenex store located in central Wisconsin. Cenex stands for quality, strength and loyalty. We are proud to have the Cenex branded cups in our store. When our customers buy a cup of coffee or cappuccino and take it to work, whether it’s on a job site, in an office or to a sporting event it’s always promoting and advertising Cenex. To me that’s a small price to pay when your cups do the advertising for us. I chuckled one day when someone showed me a picture of a job site and I noticed the Cenex branded cups sitting on a cement barrier. We have loyal customers who come in every day to buy coffee, either in their Cenex branded travel mugs or in a Cenex branded to go cup. Buying a Cenex branded product is a simple way to increase sale and to ensure customer loyalty. Thank you to the Morrison Group for making my job a lot easier." - Kelly Albrecht, Athens Cenex
"You all are great and your work is dynamic. Very professional. Noticed the change right away when we received our first graphics. Great getting to know everyone too. I highly recommended you! Keep up the good work." - Prarie Fire Coffee Roasters