Paper Cups

Paper cups are one of the most popular and loved disposable drink containers. They have existed for millennia - they were invented in Imperial China, where they made them in various sizes to serve tea.

Modern paper cups came about in the early 1900s as a replacement for shared glass drinkware, which presented health risks. Modern paper cups are usually lined with plastic or wax to seal them and keep the liquid inside and the container intact.

Paper cups are increasing in popularity these days because they can be more environmentally friendly - there are some made with a percentage of recycled materials, while others are degradable or even compostable.

But what matters most is that the paper cups you use for your C-store, restaurant, coffee shop, or event are branded with your logo, company name, and info. If you are not branding your cups you are missing out on branding and advertising opportunities, and delivering a sub-par customer experience.

A branded cup is the best advertising you can have - as your client is walking around enjoying their coffee, tea, or juice, others will see them and see your brand on the paper cup. This immediately positions your brand as a place to get a good drink to go, and thirsty people will remember it sooner or later. 

Additionally, it's been documented that people remember logos for a longer time when they are in an article such as a paper cup, as opposed to just on signage, so branding your paper cups is sure to give you marketing benefits along with an improved customer experience.