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Your Ideas. Transformed.

You have an idea and we make it happen. That’s what we do in research and development. As your customers’ preferences change and technology continues to advance, we innovate to propel your business forward.

Our research and development team stays on the cusp of innovation by engineering point of purchase and point of sale products for customers in a wide-range of industries. Research and development takes a client's needs, ideas, and dreams and turns them into a reality with a practical, problem-solving approach through groundbreaking, elegant product design.

3 Key Factors to our R&D Process

  1. Functionality We believe functionality and design go hand-in-hand. Our approach is simplistic where necessary and complex when possible.
  2. Cost-Effectiveness Being cost-conscious doesn't just affect us--it affects our customers. If we can design and fabricate a solution that is cost-effective for us, we can pass those cost-savings to our customers. It's important for us to give our customers the best R&D solution on the market at a fair price.
  3. Manufacturability Designing a product isn't just about the product's ability to solve a problem, but our ability to produce it on a mass scale. If we have designed a beautiful and functional product, but it takes a week to manufacture one unit, our job is not yet finished.

The most rewarding part of our job is experience the different variables of an R&D project come together for products that work to provide creative solutions for our customers. We know that at the end of a project, if our customer is happy and our product is doing it's job-we've done ours.