Plastic bags - Bulk

Even though environmental considerations are moving the needle towards reusable fabric bags, stores such as gas station convenience stores still rely on various types of plastic bags - bulk purchases are budget-friendly and easy to store, and you can hand out large quantities of them without incurring large expenses.

A plastic bag fulfills a simple purpose: to carry the client's purchases out of the store and into their final destination. Once there, they may get reused once or twice before they finally get disposed of. If bags are branded with your company name and logo, they will work as advertising and increase brand awareness for you even as they fulfill their main purpose. A client who is walking around with a branded plastic bag is giving you the best possible kind of publicity: the recommendation of a happy client. 

Branded plastic bag bulk orders are one of our specialties. We offer branded plastic bags for the major gas station and convenience store chains, including BP, Conoco, Phillips, and Shell. If you run a shop for any of these brands, our bulk branded plastic bags will make your life a lot easier, with the added convenience of not having to order massive amounts which will impact your cash flow and storage. We do small runs which may be convenient for smaller stores, and we can also supply very large quantities if that is what you require.

We offer plastic bags bulk orders in flat or roll formats, so you can dispense them in the way that is most convenient to you. Check out our sizes and formats, and contact us if you don't see what you are looking for.